Rafi Siddique

Marketing Automation

Easy learning towards marketing automation

I was filled with enthusiasm when I first tried to learn the concepts of marketing. And when I came across some new definitions marketing automation was something where I found the potential for me and my future clients. But what is marketing automation?

In one of its explanations, it is a technique used for handling the marketing processes and various multifunctional campaigns automatically across various channels.

With the help of this technology, it becomes easy to reach your customers through automated messages such as texts and emails. The messages are automatically sent to the customers By some set of instructions which is known as a workflow. After digging this term and its purposes I came across the fact that in big industries, marketing, and the sales department usually use this strategy in marketing campaigns and brand promotions. With marketing automation, various companies have gained enormous success through lead generation and scoring.

If I needed to explain someone about this technique in simple words I can say that marketing automation is a series of instructions that are designed to simplify the most complex modern marketing tasks. I have worked with various marketing automation platforms for my client for streamlining, automating, and measuring various marketing methods and workflows.

I have tested various automation tools and concluded that with marketing automation it becomes easy to:

  • Identify your targeted audience
  • Design the right content
  • Implementing the correct action as per the customer behavior and the schedules.

In this era of competition all around the market, I believe for your business it is necessary to adopt the latest marketing techniques that can keep you step one foot ahead of your competitors. With automation, I have helped many businesses to take the right marketing strategy for your product. When you have an automated strategy you can save time as well as resources and put forward the best services to your customers.

For example, an automated email sent to a visitor as soon from your website he files a query or submits a request. Amazing! A set of code helps you to save your time and your work is done quickly with ease offering better customer experience.

How does it work?

People wonder how things work behind a successful plan and you must be also a little curious to know about the implementation of the marketing automation. let me help you with a glimpse of it to get a little understanding of marketing automation.

A company has customer data collected through emails, apps and website usage, social media visits, and so on. With the help of this data, a 360-degree view can be created for each customer and then the marketing automation starts its work. It helps in rationalizing segmentation and targeting various processes to identify the right audience. And based on the profile of each customer, relevant messages are automatically sent for giving a personalized experience to each of them.

Automation has made many things possible by just a few clicks and that is why the best marketers always use this technique so that they have more accurate campaigns, meet greater ROI, and also establish better leads for the sales team.

If you think automation is limited to automated messages then there is more where automation plays an important role in marketing strategies:

  • A digital marketing strategy can be implemented without manually pressing the send button for any of your emails, messages, or posts.
  • It helps in generating digital ads that appear at the right time for the right person
  • Recommending the appropriate products based on the customer requirements
  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Social marketing
  • CRM integration
  • Creating landing pages
  • Website Personalization

And there is much to explore with marketing automation. These terms may sound familiar to you but they are quite hard to be accomplished unless you have the right automation tools with you.

The marketing automation can set your company apart from others in the market, how?

As an experienced marketer, I can assure you that with marketing automation it becomes easy for a company to know which customers should be targeted to make them leads which results in higher revenue and growth. In the current growing market, there are various aspects in which automation is proving quite essential for the development of a business.

With the help of this technique, it is now possible to see the ROI of a particular campaign through which they can count the effectiveness of the campaign, and also the marketing department is now turning into revenue generator from the cost centers. With such activities, it becomes trouble-free for marketers to become creative and try new ideas to generate lead.

Marketing automation thus is becoming the most important need of the marketers which helps them to scale their campaign, exhibit ROI, effectively reach the prospects, and have qualified leads.

My final interpretation 

You must have realized the importance of marketing automation for your business and to help you further I can provide you with the best results. Marketing automation is helpful enough to grow your business and you need to go slowly with it to progress.

I am always willing to help my clients with the most effective strategies and that is why I provide them with the best end to end marketing automation powered on Oracle marketing cloud- Eloqua, salesforce marketing cloud, pardot Marketo, acoustic Watson Campaign Automation.

Are you still in confusion? Does marketing automation fall under your budget?

Do not worry! You are at a safe place as my budget-friendly plans can help you achieve your marketing goals easily and help you establish new heights for your business. Through automation, each of your marketing tasks starting from the most basic email sends to various complex tasks of managing campaigns or data analysis everything is simplified and sorted.

With marketing automation, you can give the best experience to your customers by providing them better user-experience.