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Email Delivery Vs Email Deliverability in Marketing Automation

Are you aware of the fact that only 79% of the total commercial emails are delivered securely in the inbox?

Surprised? Okay, so you can calm down as we are also aware of the word spam where the rest of our commercial emails land off.

In various marketing automation tools, email marketing is one of its important aspects that help in increasing the credibility of your brand and provide a remarkable growth in your revenue and sales. But for a successful email marketing delivery and deliverability are the essential parts to take care of. I know there may be a lot of things running in your head.

Here, as a marketing professional I am going to help you to dig deeper and generate an understanding of email delivery and deliverability and also help you with some suggestions to improve them both. Let me demystify these concepts by first defining them:

Email delivery

When the receiving server successfully receives the email it is said to be email delivery. It mainly depends on whether or not your email is accepted by the receiver. This is a process before the inbox and the spam folder distinction. Does your message be physically accepted at the other end? Does the receiver’s domain or delivery address exist? Does the receiver have blocked your IP address?

Email deliverability

When a person successfully receives the email in his inbox it is said to be email deliverability. So it is the process once if your email is accepted where it will end up. Will it be the receiver’s inbox? Spam folder? Or will it end up in the unimportant email section?

Focus on the technical aspects

If we are talking about the technical stuff this is all related to the sender’s reputation. Both for delivery and deliverability, the IP address and domain reputation plays an important role to enhance the sender’s reputation. There are a variety of external blacklists and whitelist based on which the score of your IP address is compared to other IP addresses. And if you have a declining reputation of your IP then it will put a direct impact on your email deliverability.

To create a good image of your IP address it is required to work hard on your emails that are sent to your customers. You can reflect on the following things:

  • Choose the right platform that is Email Service Provider (ESP) as for a marketer ESP is the medium for sending messages on their behalf
  • It is good to have your dedicated IP instead of working in a shared IP pool of the particular ESP as there are chances of the IP pool reputation to be affected by the dubious users
  • Get email authentication for the email sender’s true identity. It helps you to differ your brand from the spammers and provides you a decent reputation in the market.
  • Consider your email file size as there are various deliverability issues related to the file size and can fail to get your email through multiple spam filters.

Earn your place in the inbox 

The email world is a competitive sector where with the increasing email traffic and rigorous filtering techniques used by the inbox providers it is quite essential to win a place in the inbox of your productive customers. The key to it is to provide relevant and engaging content to the interested audience.

If you are successful in building a place in the inbox of your customers then it becomes easy to maintain a long term relationship with them. This is what I prioritize for my client in my marketing automation techniques to maintain healthy subscribers through strong delivery and deliverability.

Play smart with unique strategies 

Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”Joe Chernov

This was one of the quotes that inspired me to make my clients have successful email marketing through engagement and conversion with their customers. Consider the following points:

  • Engagement boosting and email cleaning should be prioritized to improve the database quality and decrease the bounce rate of your emails.
  • Have transparent and appropriate communication with your customers to make them feel trusted towards your company.
  • You should make an unsubscribing option easily available to hammer spam complaints. Low complaint rates help you increase your email deliverability.
  • Let your subscribers have the preference to choose what they like to receive from your end which is the best thing to build a good reputation in the mind of your customers about your brand.
  • Monitor the activities and engagement level of your subscribers to know what their needs are and try to make future improvements in your emails.
  • Keep the email more personalized by using the names of the customers to make them feel interested for reading the content of your email.

Remember, successful deliverability leads to successful email marketing. Don’t rush the process, good things take time. Begin with the basics, be sure about the ESP, IPs, and authentication are strong enough to get a successful delivery and deliverability. Get your email templates revised properly so that you are not missing any minute details affecting your reputation among your customers.

Don’t hesitate to take the help of the professionals so that you get your email marketing done productively.

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